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"We were brand new to book publishing and heard
you were the right guy to go to. . . . Your detailed
suggestions about our book’s message, structure,
and visual design were eye-opening and helped us sell
the book to Harvard Business Review Press. Thank you!"

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"I express a specific thank-you to Matthew Patin. . . . [You] made this
a stronger narrative. . . Matt is there from beginning to end, is patient,
and most of all helps make [the book] better. The two-way nature of the
process, phone calls, and discussions—it made me a better writer. "

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"Wow. . . . Amazing work. . . . [You] helped me turn
[this] into a real book."

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"[Writing] a novel is like shooting a spaceship to the moon. There are so
many things that can go wrong, and working with Matt gave me peace
of mind. He was mission control. I trusted him, and he helped guide
my story where it needed to be. . . . Matt [can] take your novel to the next
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"Exceeded my expectations. . . .
Learning what worked well, what was confusing, and how else to make the
book even better was invigorating and helpful. Matt understood what I was trying
to achieve. . . . Exceptionally talented. . . . Easy to work with. He quickly understood
the objective and goal of the book and beautifully articulated what worked well
and what could be enhanced for the reader."
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"Your edits are wonderful! I very much respect
your talent and expertise. . . . A truly brilliant editor
and I am deeply grateful. . . . My manuscript is way,
way better as a result of your fine work!"

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"Thank you for your work on my book. . . .
Your notes were very clear, smart, and helpful,
and I really appreciate it."

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"Thank you. . . . You really get what
this project needs to accomplish."

What is Full Measure Editorial?

Writing really screws with our heads. Sometimes we get so fed up with seeing the same sentences over and over again that we’d rather just toss the whole thing out the window and binge on Game of Thrones until we don’t know what day it is. Sometimes, when we don’t make the word-count quotas we want, we question whether we’ve got what it takes. Or we may have a ton of ideas but just don’t know where to begin.

In other words, writing tests us. Constantly.

And revision? Writing is nothing without it, and yet as we get too close to our own material, our ability to pull back and assess our work with a cool, analytical eye is too often shot to hell.

That’s where Full Measure comes in.

Full Measure Editorial is an experienced, full-service edit shop based in Austin, working with authors and publishers all over the country. We also bring a fresh approach to organizations looking to develop, revise, and polish their website content and custom-published materials.

You’ll benefit from our years of experience working with NYC publishing houses, independent authors and self-publishers, Inc. 500 companies, small businesses and scrappy entrepreneurs, e-learning providers, and institutions of higher learning. Best of all, when you work with Full Measure, you’ll get our trademark candidness—always delivered diplomatically, of course; we’re not jerks. We just want to be sure we let you know how your sophisticated readers might interpret your work. Sound good so far?

Who are we?

Matthew Patin

Matthew Patin has been in publishing for almost fifteen years, working with small presses, book packagers, the big New York publishing houses, and nearly 175 authors on over 10 million words’ worth of material. He’s worked with novelists, scholars, photographers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and business pros and has worked extensively with first-time and self-published authors.

He is an alumnus of the Author-Editor Clinic in Seattle, a sort of flight simulator for developmental editors, and is officially designated by California State University as a Certified Ghostwriter, one of the few practicing in the United States, after having

completed an intensive, one-of-a-kind program in book positioning, structuring, and ghostwriting.

As the former editorial director and staff writer of a graduate-level entrepreneurship program, Matthew logged more than 7,500 hours working directly with practicing entrepreneurs to develop material on leadership, personal development, sales and marketing, and operations. He is a former member of the Editorial Freelancers Association; a board member at Austin Bat Cave, a writing-workshop center for kids and teens; a former volunteer committee co-chair at the Texas Book Festival; and an organizer for Lit Crawl–Austin. His book reviews and author profiles have been published in Kirkus Reviews and the Austin Chronicle.

When he’s not editing or reading, he’s curating his collection of reaction gifs; here’s how he feels about working with great clients.

Next steps

Sending your life’s work off to be picked through and analyzed isn’t easy. And the feeling’s not much different when it comes to any kind of writing you’ve sweated over: websites, short e-books, jacket copy, and so on. Maybe you’ve sent you’re stuff to friends and family to look at. Maybe you’ve workshopped your drafts with likeminded writers and readers.

Maybe not. In any case, you’re likely here because you feel it’s time to get insight from people who do this kind of thing day in and day out, people dedicated to helping you create the best writing you can.

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